Max, the Dog Who Lived

One sunny day in Brazil, Osmar Persisco of Garibaldi, was walking his dog Max out for exercise in a field not far away from their home. As he was watching his dog running around and enjoying the fresh air Osmar was approached by two robbers who demanded his truck keys.

When Osmar began defending himself and declined the robbers demand, they put out a gun and shot him, grazing the man’s head. Without hesitation, his canine companion Max went into action, jumping up to attack the two men. One of the attackers ran away immediately, but the other shot Max twice in the chest and once in the leg before fleeing himself. After the attack was over Osmar grabbed his canine guard and rushed to the vet, where Max was successfully treated for his injuries.

This is an example that dogs are truly a man’s best friend and they not only chase and bark at the postman but also are willing to risk their only life for their owner.

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