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Best Pet Hair Brush Ever!


Grooming your pet can be a real hassle. But this Self Cleaning Slicker Brush removes loose hair and massages your pet in the most gentle way possible, leaving a healthy and shiny fur, free from tangles & knots.

One smart grooming for cleaner mats and sleek pets! It’s a win-win.

No more hair on the couch!

It’s a real pain in the neck to deal with the mess from our shedding friends. Who has the time to clean the sofa eleven times a day? Not a soul, therefore make sure your hairy friend is regularly brushed.

There are justified reasons why this smart brush goes viral everywhere on the internet. One button away to lift up and easily collect all the hair, and you’ll leave with a brand-new clean comb.

The bristles are FINE bent wires designed to penetrate DEEP into the coat and can groom the undercoat well without scratching your pet’s skin! Regular brushing and massaging can help improve blood circulation and relaxes your pets.

Brushing Benefits

1. Promotes blood circulation.

2. Reduces hair loss.

3. Prevents hair knotting.

4. Detects trauma and skin diseases in time.

5. Grooming pets frequently can stimulate hair follicles, ensure better hair quality and hair volume, and make pet coats smooth and shiny.


  • Pet care: Pumpkin design, you will find it fun and easy to comb your dog or cat’s hair, so that furry friends like to be brushed.
  • Professional dog hair brush: The bristles are finely curved with rounded ends designed to penetrate deeply into the coat. They can indeed comb the undercoat well without scratching the pet’s fur.
  • Promote healthy shiny fur: Regular brushing and massage help to improve blood circulation and relax pets.
  • Comfy, non-scratch bristles: Give your pet a comfy, enjoyable experience with these expertly-designed soft bristles! The tips are perfectly rounded, elastic, and completely non-scratchy on their skin. Your pet will always be ready for their comb-out and they’ll be loving it!
  • Pur–perfect massage tool: They do enjoy grooming a lot! Comb your feline / canine friend regularly, and you’ll find them purring and chilling in pure happiness.
  • Lifetime use: Forget about those wasteful one-time-use sticky hair removers! This brush with sturdy material and its self-cleaning design grants superb durability.
    Grab now to keep your house clean!
  • Easy To Clean: When you’re done brushing your pet, simply click the button and the bristles retract back into the brush, Making it SUPER SIMPLE to remove all the hair from the brush, So it’s ready for the next time use.
  • Safe And Durable Material: Our brush is specially designed with a COMFORT-GRIP and ANTI-SLIP HANDLE, which prevents hand and wrist strain no matter how long you brush your pet!
  • Works On Most Hair Types: Short, medium, and long-haired, thick, thin, curly, and a big tangle, this professional pet brush can handle everything! And make your pet’s coat soft and shiny.

Great for cats, dogs, rabbits & other pets who have healthy and shiny fur, free from tangles & knots.


How to use

1. Brush your pet all around the body in the direction of hair growth.

2. Once all the dead fur has been removed with the brush, press the button to push out the fur.

3. Throw out the dead fur and enjoy a nice clean pet!



  • Material: ABS/HTPE/Stainless steel
  • Size: 7.67 x 3.3 x 2.59 inches
  • Weight: 5.29 Ounces
  • Color: White / Pumpkin color / Purple Orange / yellow green / pink purple / white blue
  • Care instructions: Wash With Water And Mild Detergents.

Packaging Information :

Hair cleaner x1



Weight 5,29 oz
Dimensions 8,26 × 3,93 × 3,14 in

White, Pumpkin color, Purple Orange, UFO yellow green, UFO pink purple, UFO white blue, Grey, Pink, Blue, 3pcs Pumpkin color – Save 45%

157 reviews for Pumpkin Style Self Cleaning Pet Hair Brush

  1. S******l

    Works great

    Brush works great. Keeps hair in the bristles instead of flying in the air everywhere. Easy push button to clean.

  2. R*******h

    Cat likes it, it.

  3. C****n

    Really cute and useful

  4. K*******e

    Great brush! Easy to use, easy to clean!

    Great brush! Easy to clean, great value, easy for me to hold, gets lots of fur off both my Pomeranian and my Persian kitty.

  5. K****n

    My cat loves this brush!

    The brush is easy to clean and gets all the excess hair off my cat! Plus she loves it!

  6. L****e


    My cats love it!

  7. W*****s

    Great Choice!

  8. J********h

    The girls ( cats) love it!!!

    Easy to use, clean and hold! The cats love it! Great purchase!

  9. J********l


    Exactly what I was looking for. It’s easy to clean and gets the job done. My cats love this brush!

  10. A******a


  11. D*****n


  12. E****y


    We love this!! It works great and it’s so cute as well.

  13. M*****a


  14. A*****y

    Great Choice!

  15. J*****r

    Great Seller!

  16. E******z

    great seller

  17. A*****y

    It’s OK.

  18. A****z


  19. O****r

    So Good!

  20. S*****R

    Wonderful product

    So easy to use and clean. Even better is the fact my cat likes it

  21. Z******k


  22. L********o

    so good customer service.

  23. A********y

    The brush is not dense enough for a cat

  24. S********l

    Brush works great.

    This brush is a really great find. Both of my cats love it and the main one i bought it for will come over to me when they see me with it. Easy to hold and clean compared to a lot of other brushes i’ve used.

  25. A***********y

    Good Product!

  26. T******m

    Great quality

  27. I********z

    Fácil de limpiar, mis gatos lo adoran

    The media could not be loaded.

     Este cepillo ha cambiado mi vida y la de mis gatitos. Les encanta cuando les toca acicalarlos y el cepillo es demasiado fácil de limpiar y gentil con en pelaje de mis gatos. Lo recomiendo ampliamente!

  28. g******a

    Best Brush I ever purchased

    Great for my cats. Hair comes off the brush with no problem. Cats love it too

  29. l*******t

    Great item for your cat

    Quick , easy to clean.

  30. K****n


  31. R******h

    Nice quality

  32. A****u

    Great Customer Service!

  33. C****b

    Great brush

    My cats love it and it’s easy to clean!

  34. O****a

    Worth the purchase

    I saw this brush on TikTok and I had to buy it. It’s convenient that it pushes the fur out for easy cleaning. The pumpkin design is really cute, and my cat loves being brushed by it.

  35. K*****n

    Cute brush

    My cats love this brush. It doesn’t scratch their skin and is very easy to clean.

  36. J****u

    Good Service!

  37. T****e

    very good quality. thanks.

  38. A******y

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Perfect brush, my cat Frida loves it. It’s gentle thanks to the protective coating on the tips, and very easy to clean. Plus it’s really cute

  39. M******m


  40. D*****a


  41. A*******s

    Great brush & clean out is easy

    It Arrived Fast, it’s the only brush that works on my long hair cat…. that hates grooming but he tolerates it.

  42. C******l

    Better for thick fur

    I like the design of this brush but would not recommend it if your cat has slick fine fur. The fur doesn’t stick as well in this pumpkin brush as a standard cat brush due to the bristle size.

  43. L*****i


  44. P*****r

    The brush is great. The plastic is very high quality, the color is pleasant, the mechanism of pressing the plate works perfectly, without creaks and unnecessary sounds. From the heart we recommend! You won’t regret it! Thank you very much seller!

  45. K****n

    Great one

  46. C*****g

  47. K*****W

    Worked great for a long hair

    Wish I would’ve bought this sooner. Just brushed my cat and removed a ton of hair. I like that the brush comes clean with the push of a button.

  48. I*******r

    I love it and I think my cat too. Easy to use. I recommend it.

  49. B*********s

    Good Product.

  50. M****e

    You need this

    I have had many pet brushes, but this one surpasses them all!

  51. L****k

    Best Brush Ever

    I’ve gone through many wired brushes for my kitties. Over all, this is the BEST by far!!

  52. V******n

    Never received so much money gotten back

  53. M*****s

    Gorgeous Brush, Soft Fur

    My cats love when I brush them with this. It makes their fur feel very soft. This brush makes it easy to get tangles/ mats out of my long haired cat’s fur. He normally doesn’t like UT when I try to get tangles out, but he enjoyed it when I used this brush. I absolutely love the design of the brush! It reminds me of my favorite season. The brush is very easy to use and clean! I definitely recommend this if you have long haired cats or cats that shed a lot of hair.

  54. M**k

    Easy to use

    Sometimes hurts cat. But does work

  55. K****y


    I hated cleaning my cats hair out of his old brush..I no longer have to do that just push the button finally something that works like it says

  56. M*****s

    Wow my cats let me comb them

    Love the color can spot it anywhere in my home.lite weight good grip .Cats enjoy me combing them take them awhile to use to the brush.

  57. G****S

    Kitty Kats Love it

    My fur babies love thus!

  58. R*****h

    Perfect thank you

  59. k******t

    Great Brush

    I love that it is so easy to remove the hair and that the ends of the brush ‘bristles’ are coated and not so scratchy for my dog. She, however, is still not fond of having her hair brushed but I think she tolerates much better than a usual dog brush. Thank you!

  60. A****K

    It’s a miracle worker!

    We have a crabby senior cat who is a wee bit on the pudgy side – she has some difficulty cleaning her back so this has been a great help. Removes hair and cleans well, doesn’t seem to bother her skin. Easy to clean & has really helped with keeping her clean. 🙂

  61. B*******K

    My cat loves it!

    This is better than expected for indoor brushing.

  62. K*******a


  63. M****a

    Super cute

    My boyfriends cat loved it. It’s easy to clean but the only downside is that the teeth seem a little sharp.

  64. J*******r

    Super thank you all fits

  65. J*****k


  66. S********y

    Great Cat Brush

    This brush is human & cat approved! I love the push button to clean off the cat hair, great idea that works!

  67. F***e

    working well!

  68. A****d

    Love this very much

  69. T****s

    Best pet brush I ever bought.

    It was easy to use, hold and clean. I have purchased numerous pet brushes and combs and they have ended up in a box. It has made brushing our six (6) cats and dog fun for my granddaughter.

  70. M****s

    A good brush

    A good brush that on the 5th try, my daughter did get the fur to come off in a round circle. That was fun. It’s not as good as a regular wire one for under hair, but for short hair cats, or dogs, it works fine. Also, the ends are protective so it won’t gouge your pet.

  71. L*****i


  72. Z*******k

    I was very surprised how fast the shipment was. And the quality of the product is amazing. Is like store bought 50$ worth.

  73. C*******n

    good product

  74. D******r

    Love it

    Love it and my cats weren’t afraid of it

  75. E******l

    I’m feeling sheepish…

    Yes! I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’m in love with a pumpkin shaped plastic appliance. But… I have two cats and every time I plop a little for pancake off this brush it is supremely satisfying.

  76. D****r

    It’s So Good!

  77. C*******t

    Love it.

    My pets love it and I love it. Great buy!

  78. B*****t


  79. D******i

    Good Seller!

  80. A****s

    Pet pumpkin brush

    I comb my cat and remove all the hair that falls out

  81. K****a

    Get this brush!!

    This brush is so cute! My cat and dog love it. It works great on both of them! Easy button to press that removes hair, love it. Highly recommend getting this!!

    3 people found this helpful

  82. É******r

    Great One!

  83. W*****s

    My cats loved the new

  84. J****e



  85. T***f

    Love it!

    I love this thing but you have to push the button twice to get fur out.

  86. B*******s


  87. M****Y

    Great Pet Brush!!

    Wow, this Pet Pumpkin Brush is the greatest thing ! It’s AMAZING how much hair this thing removes from my cats… and they just LOVE being brushed. It removes tangles and clumps well too… my cats get them frequently and the brush pulls them free very well. I would Highly Recommend this Pet Pumpkin Brush!!

  88. E*****s

    Works Well!

  89. M*******h

    Cool tool!

    I like how easily this brush is to hold and clean. It fills quickly with a shedding cat but it’s so easy to clean that it’s not a problem.

  90. C*****e

    Great one

  91. S*******n

    So Great!

  92. A******y


    This works great on my cat. And she loves it

  93. C****e

    Perfect! I recommend the seller!

  94. E*******m

    The Best

    The best grooming brush ever!

  95. K****a


  96. P****i

    Doesn’t pull hair.

    The brush works beautifully. It’s very simple to use my cats love it. Now they love to be brushed.

  97. K******v

    So Great!

  98. M******m

    Good quality brushes very well and it’s very clean my kitten loves it.

  99. V********z

    Super Good!

    super good at getting all the fur off my GSD I had used other well known brand but this is The best

  100. M****w

    If you have a pet, buy this.

    Brush is very easy to use. Does what it’s supposed to do.

  101. A****d

    Works Well!

  102. M**k

    So great!

    This brush is now my favorite and my cat’s favorite! For me, it’s so simple to use because I only need one hand to brush and then empty it, so I never have to let go of kitty with the other hand. It also makes the whole process faster. For my cat, he has never been a big fan of brushing even though I’ve tried a variety of wire and silicone brushes. This one is just right – he loves and gets really into it! So happy with this purchase for both of us.

  103. J******t

    So Good.

  104. O*****z


  105. J****a

    Not excellent on short hair cats

    I liked the color, it is easy to handle. It doesn’t work on short hair cats. Its more of a massager for my cat, she loved it!, but it doesn’t get any hair off her at all!

  106. J****k


  107. A****r

    Long Hair Only

    It was not clear in the description that this works on long haired cats/pets only. I have short haired cats and it does nothing. Do not buy this if you have short haired pets.

  108. M*****r


  109. E******e


  110. O****r


  111. E******e

    Works and looks as pictured.

  112. L*****n


  113. M*******n

    Very good furniture product… superb quality

  114. W*****s

    So Good.

  115. E****n


  116. K*******v

    Fast and top customer service!

  117. S******n


  118. h******t

    A little skeptical at first but happy with the results

    I was a little skeptical at first about this product but I’m pleasantly surprised! My cat loves it, the bristles are soft enough to not cause any pain to him but strong enough to pick up lots of fur. Would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a fur baby that sheds as much as mine does!

  119. J***a

    Absolutely Amazing Brush!!!!

    I absolutely love this brush!!! I have a long hair silver lynx point and he has enough fur I could make a second cat no brush I’ve bought before seemed to help and they were impossible to clean plus he always tries to eat them. With the brush not only did it work incredibly well it came clean so easily!!! And as a bonus he likes it!! He didn’t try to eat it and he even purred while being brushed!! It’s easy to hold and use and definitely the brush I’m gonna recommend to everyone it even works great for my two girl kitties who have shorter hair!!!! 100/10

  120. A***z

    So Great!

  121. A******d

    Good quality

  122. R*******n

    Good One!

  123. M*******u

    it’s OK.

  124. J. W***r

    This brush really does work

    I love this brush and how easy it is to clean out cat hair. My cat loves it too.

  125. s******e

    It works as advertised!!!

    I really do like this brush as it is so easy to use and clean!!!!

  126. V*****a

    Worth it.

    Our cat loves it. Easy to get the hair out.

  127. E*****S

    nice cat brush

    so far the cat is tolerating this brush, it’s easy to use and it’s cute

  128. É****r

    So Good!

  129. A*****r

    Great for long haired cat

    This product worked great for combing out three hair balls on our long haired kitty. We have been working on getting them out for a week. It took less than 20 minutes to get them brushed out with this brush.

  130. S*******f

    My pets LOVE this!!!

    This brush is loved by both my dog and cats! I like how easy it is to get rid of hair. I highly recommend this.

  131. T*****e


  132. N*****y

    Good for silky soft furs and purrs

    My cats love this, they don’t stop purring while combing with this, and it makes their fur silky soft. Easy to use and clean, very lightweight. It just doesn’t help collecting shed hair. You will need a separate item, such as furminator, for that. (Maybe it works better with longer hair animals to collect hair, that I don’t know. My cats are short and medium haired.)

  133. L******i

    I really recommend the seller!

  134. R*****p

    Very Good!

  135. F****n


  136. A**r

    Easy to use

    I have several cat brushes (I have 3 long haired cats) and this one works well. However, so do the others that I have, which is why I marked it down a bit on the rating.

  137. B*****t

    Really Good!

  138. B*****s

    Good Product!

  139. A**r

    Pump-akin to perfection.

    My cat loves this cat brush. I think he wants to marry it.

  140. A******r


    This is the best pet brush I have ever used. I have 4 cats and 3 need brushing regularly. When I start brushing one of them the others know and literally come running to get brushed next. I’m buying another one to keep in a different area of the house. Love it!!

  141. K******r

    Works great!

    This works great on my goldendoodle and my cat. My cat loves when I brush her with it! Removing the hair from the brush is super easy.

  142. W****s

    Great for my finicky cats!

    I have two cats who HATE getting brushed. Before it took two people just to brush them. Now they purr while getting brushed. I’m so glad I followed the trend my cats love it. Plus very easy to clean especially if you have a heavy shedder like I do. 10/10 would recommend this product.

  143. S*****d

    So Good!

  144. D*****h

    So Good!

  145. B*****r

    Pet Brush

    Exactly as described. My cat loves it and it is so easy to clean. Genius.

  146. E******s

    Great quality and very fast!

  147. S***e

    Wi egg is great

    This works great and the loose fur just swipes right off.

  148. A******l


  149. D******a


  150. A**z

    Good Quality!

  151. M****n


  152. L*****o


  153. M***o

    Lleg? mucho antes de tiempo pero vamos no quita ni la mitad de los pelos que se dice.

  154. D***o

    Muy buen producto… excelente calidad

  155. P***a

    veramente carino e utile

  156. M****k

    It’s So Good

  157. H******y

    I really recommend this seller

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