Why You Should Choose a Cat as Your Pet

Why should you choose a cat as your pet

I know a lot of people are considering getting a pet either for themselves or for family members (usually kids) or even for close friends. When asked what kinds of pets they are considering, most of them sort of laugh and say that “they are only considering dogs as a pet”. I’m not quite aware what causes this particular response in people, but I strongly think that they should at least take into consideration adopting/buying a cat.

Although I have had dogs since I was born until 5 years ago (I’m almost 40) and I consider them to be “man’s best friend” I will try to share with you a few great reasons why you should at least consider choosing a cat rather than a dog as your next pet.

First, a cat is the perfect pet for many people because they require much less “maintenance” than dogs. Think about it. Getting a dog requires someone to be home nearly all the time at least for the first few months of owning the dog. With a cat there is no need to potty train them, take them outside, walk them or spend endless hours playing with them. A cat is definitely a more independent animal and the perfect pet for more independent people. Who really wants to be tied down with an animal that takes so much time and attention? Do not misunderstand me, dogs are great animals but require more attention.

Another valid reason for getting a cat rather than a dog is to have a relatively quiet and constant companion. One of my least favorite things about dogs is how loud and noisy they can be. Of course, a cat will occasionally meow and emit strange noises too, but that is nowhere near as much noise as a dog can make. Cats pretty much keep quiet and are the perfect companion for most people whether you are more energetic or more of a quiet type of person. Cats are also great because they tend to love being around people, so if you are looking for a pet that will be quiet but always present around, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Another reason, and personally my favorite, is related to the care for your pet while you are away: vacations, business trips, and other cases. If you have owned a dog you know that it needs to be walked regularly for physiological needs (especially if you don’t have a yard) so while leaving the house someone needs to come and look after your furry friend. On the other hand if you have a cat or even more cats you can leave them inside if you provide water, food and plenty of clean litter sand. And nowadays there are automatic feeders so you don’t need to worry about your cat so much. I personally went a whole week on vacation leaving my two cats alone and they didn’t seem to be bothered at all.

Cats in general take a lot less attention than dogs. Talk to most cat owners and you will hear great stories of people who love owning a cat. Of course you need to offer cats proper medical healthcare, rich nutritional food, toys for scratching and so on but if you are thinking of getting a pet, take the time to check out the benefits of getting a cat. You will love the purring of your cat after a long stressful day at work.

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