Top 5 Ways a Pet Can Improve Your Health

If you are among the pet owners that sadly experienced the loss of that pet, you certainly know how close a pet can become to you. When people are saying that their pet(s) are part of the family, that statement is true.

A pet has so much to offer in our daily lives and the lives of our family, yet we can sometimes forget just how much.

While a pet brings unconditional love to us, there are many other real and tangible benefits that we can count if having a furry friend.

There are many ways a pet can improve your health and we should mention mental benefits, physical benefits, social benefits, and emotional benefits.

1. Improve Mental Health

Studies are discovering more and more that pets can improve our mental health status. Back in the old days, pets were brought into the psychiatric wards to help calm patients, as well as encourage patients to cooperate. Today, we know that pets can improve our moods drastically.

Have you ever felt down and out and had your pet bring you his ball to play? This is a perfect example of how a pet can cause an automatic shift in your mood and get you out of a slump. Unconditional love offered by our dogs, cats or other pets can also cause positive chemicals to release to the brain, thereby averting negative stress or chemicals (such as cortisol) found in the flight or fight syndrome. When positive occurrences are experienced, mental health improves greatly.

2. Improve Emotional Status

Pets greatly improve the emotional status of their owners. Have you ever owned a pet, let’s say a dog for example, and the dog automatically came over to you when you were crying and licked away your tears? Studies show that dogs are innately responsive to the emotions of its owners and are therefore readily available to respond to them. Pet owners are shown to be happier in studies than people who do not have pets.

3. Assist with Physical Health

Research is showing that pet owners are healthier than non-pet owners are. Pet owners have a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Pets, especially dogs, are also able to assist and alert owners that have certain medical conditions such as diabetes or seizure disorder.

4. Help with Socialization and Fitness

A pet can aid in the defense of depression, anxiety, and panic. Having a pet to socialize with is an excellent way to get out and about for many of us. Socialization for your pet is vital to its well being and that means that you have to go along for the ride. Walking, jogging, running, hiking, are all excellent ways to keep you and your pet in shape just as swimming and bicycling is. There are many pet owners who socialize with their pets in this way, enabling the pet owners to stay fit and trim along with their furry friends.

6. Spiritual Benefits

There is no better way to become more spiritual than when you reach out to help another. Reaching out to help another does not necessarily mean just to your human peers. Reaching out to your pet and playing, bathing, walking, caring, and just cuddling with them is an excellent way to become more spiritual. When you take care of a pet that is helpless and unable to help themselves, what more spiritual act is there than that?

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