How to Keep Your Pets Safe During The Summer

The hot summer days can become a real threat to the life of our pets. Cats and dogs just cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. As a responsible pet owner, you will need to take measures in order to make sure your pet is safe during these warm weather months. Below we have put together some tips in order to help you and your pet escape the heat.

Rule # 1

Never leave an animal in a car during summer: All pet owners should know what are the dangers of leaving any pet in a hot car, even if it is just for a few minutes. This is mostly for dog owners. Dogs adore riding in the car and it is very tempting to let your dog ride to the grocery store with you. However, you should never leave cats or dogs inside a car during hot weather. Even if the windows are open, a car parked in the hot sun can reach extreme temperatures that are life threatening for your pet. Animals left in hot cars can die within minutes or can suffer from severe dehydration. The best rule of thumb is the leave your pet at home in the cool air conditioner during the hot weather.

Within 1 hour, the temperature inside of a car parked in the sun on a day that reached 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) or hotter, hit an average of 116 degrees F (47 degrees C).

You should also know that if you are a dog owner, allowing your dog a ride in the back of a truck could be very dangerous for a dog at any time of the year. One jolt can send your dog flying out of the back of the truck, resulting in injury or even worse. Even putting your dog unsupervised in the back of a truck in a public place can be a recipe for disaster. Be extra careful with your pet during traveling and if you must travel with your dog or cat, secure your pet in the car and leave the air conditioning on at all times. Let your pets take frequent breaks on long trips and give them a chance to drink fresh cold water.

Rule # 2

Be careful when walking the dog: There are a lot of areas where the temperatures skyrocket in the warm months. In places where the temperatures reach an all-time high, it is a good idea to walk your dog either in the morning or in the evening when temperatures are lower. During the summer, temperatures will be at the highest during midday. You should limit from walking your dog during this time. Not only will you and your dog become hot and dehydrated, the hot concrete can burn your dog’s sensitive paws. When you do walk during hot weather, take along fresh water for your dog and stop frequently to let your dog drink. He will thank you for this.

Rule # 3

Practice proper grooming: It is always a good idea to keep your pet well groomed, but it is especially important to do it during the summer days. If your dog has very long fur, it is like wearing a fur coat in 95-degree weather. It is not comfortable for your pet. Also, be careful with pets that have much of their fur trimmed off, such as poodles. Long haired dogs can quickly overheat during high temperatures. Poodles and other breeds with short cuts can get sunburned. Sunscreen does not protect dogs. For long haired dogs, regular brushing also helps remove the winter undercoat and can help your dog better regulate body temperatures during summer months. Regular clipping of long hair can also help keep your dog cool. Even long haired cats can benefit from a summer clipping. Long haired cats become easily overheated, even if they do stay indoors.

Rule # 4

Protect your pet from insects: Insects can be disturbing for your pet during the warm, summer months. Spring and summer are when fleas and ticks are mostly found. Mosquitoes are also out during this time of year. It is always a good idea to make sure your dog and cat are getting their monthly flea and tick protection. Your dog also needs to stay protected from heartworms, as mosquito bites can cause heartworms. Also, have a first aid kit on hand for bee or wasp stings.

Rule # 5

Outdoor safety: Summer is the season when most people spend a lot of times outdoors. Whether it is working in the yard, visiting the lake or swimming in the pool, you need to take extra measures when your pets are with you outside. If you mow the lawn or spray chemicals on the grass, be sure your pets are indoors and away from the dangers. Also, if your dog enjoys the water, keep a close eye on your pet. Most pets can swim instinctively, but it is always a good idea to watch them doing that. If you enjoy taking your dog out boating, you can buy life saver vests for your dog to wear. You can never be too safe when it comes to your beloved furry friend.

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