Homemade Pet Food for Dogs

It is a fact that feeding your dog with commercially prepared food is not always the right way. Dogs have suffered from many health problems leading them to die early and that too after suffering a lot. Most of the dog owners must be aware of the fact that dogs have always been kept on a raw meat diet for ages. It is only today’s fast paced lifestyle and the emergence of commercialization of the food industry for pets that has made ready to eat items coming in their way. This has literally hampered the life patterns of dogs.

According to a research by experts, dogs are said to be associated with the wolf’s family which are complete carnivores. Having a small digestive system facilitates absorption of raw meat increases the importance of feeding your dog with raw food diet.

Preferably, homemade dog food must contain one third of vegetables and two third of meat. It is very important that the homemade food cooked by you for your dog contains appropriate amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water.

You can also feed them with homemade chicken or turkey recipes for dogs. Since the internal organs of these animals are mostly preferred, make sure to include kidneys, heart, tripe and liver in their diet. Regarding vegetables, spinach, celery, broccoli, carrot and cayenne pepper have proved to be quite safe for preparing meals for dogs. There are a number of fruit options that you can also include in your dog’s diet which include pear, grapefruit, apple and orange. Other than these, flax seed, alfa-alfa, garlic, whole eggs, cod liver oil and kelp.

When you plan to prepare homemade food for your pet, it is because you want your dog to get a wholesome nutritious diet which is safer than the market food. The idea is to keep it simple and not get overly experimental and innovate with any food product. Heed on your pet’s reaction to the meals prepared by you and always remember to feed them with variety. Dog’s too have preferences and this aspect should not be ignored; they may just not eat at all. If you want that your dog’s health is properly maintained, then keeping all these factors in mind while preparing its food is extremely important.

Homemade pet food is an ideal way to keep control on your dog’s health, at the same time giving it a longer and happier life to live.

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